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What are your prices for tournament entry?

We offer competitive pricing for tournament entry. Click HERE to view our tournament prices.

What is your weather policy for tournaments?

We do not offer refunds for gate entry due to weather. If a tournament is affected by weather, awards will not be handed out until tournament comes to an end OR there are only two teams remaining. If only two teams remain, awards will be handed out by the seeding order.

What can you bring into the parks?

You can bring in food, coolers, folding chairs, canopies for shade, or other items you may need. Refrain from bringing alcohol and weapons to our tournaments.

What is the parking situation like?

All of our parks have ample parking around all of our fields. Parking is available on a first come first serve basis, and there are handicap spaces available.

What amenities do the parks provide?

All of our parks have concessions that have a variety of food and drink options, and nice, clean bathrooms.

Do you offer re-entry to the parks if we need to leave during the day?

Yes. You will be issued a entry ticket when you arrive. Just show us that ticket when you come back to the park and you will be admitted. The ticket is valid for only one day, one for Saturday, and one for Sunday.

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